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The Next Wave

In September 2021 Cliftonville launched the New Wave Outreach Project which was inspired and led by Treasurer, James Provins, with help from Secretary, Nick Jones, Media Lead, Cat Doherty, and Junior Lead, Anna Elliott. The aim was to introduce and coach hockey in as many Thanet schools as possible. It was fundamental that this happened to ensure Cliftonville Hockey Club survived. Currently the Club had an aging player base and new blood was essential.

Initially over 20 secondary and primary schools were contacted with the offer of 6 to 8 weeks coaching either as an after-school club or as part of the timetable. Chatham & Clarendon, Dane Court and St George’s accepted the offer along with Chilton, Garlinge, Haddon Dene, Minster, Newlands. Northdown, St Laurence, St Nicholas at Wade and Upton. As a result, over 600 children were introduced to hockey and a small number have now joined our Junior Section at their training sessions on a Wednesday evening at 6pm to 7pm. One secondary school has now reintroduced hockey back into the PE/Games curriculum.

The coaching has been led by Isaac Dilkes and the sessions have been geared to individual school’s requirements. Usually, sessions were an hour in length with up to 30 pupils involved each time. The Club provided the equipment for the lessons and most took place on the school playground although sometimes on grass.

September 2022 saw the programme enter its second year and has once again been sponsored by CLEAR SAFETY for which the Club are most grateful. Additional funding has also been received from Kent County Council and Sport England which was much appreciated. As a result it is also hoped to expand to a second coach which will give even greater flexibility to get into more schools. Eventually the aim is to bring all the schools involved together at a festival around Easter time each year.

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Clear Safety
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